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FLORO & All About It

Neon floro sign

Why are Neon’s Garnering Attention?

No matter which place you visit, it won’t be devoid of these neon lights. Whether you are walking inside a club, entering a wedding, or searching for themed ideas for a birthday party, one thing that you’d always identify is quotes in bright, neon lights. 

So, why are these fluorescent lights so “IN”?

One thing that we cannot seem to miss is how gorgeous they look! Those sparkling neon lights have a long history You must have come across the word “NEON ALL YOUR LIFE” but it has been catching a lot of attention for a while now. Wherever you go, you’d find neon light stealing the spotlight and making their unique mark. There’s a reason why neon signs are becoming everyone’s favourite.

of attracting mankind. Their unique and beautiful aura is what makes them a must-add to every place. They light up in such a way that every passer-by would take a look, especially when it is completely dark.

Neon Attack, India’s Leading Neon Sign Company is revolutionising the market with its new range - FLORO

FLORO signs are India’s first colour-changing neon signs but why is it such a hit? Read on to find out!

These are made from advanced LED tubing which is not only lightweight but flexible as well. To control the light, all you have to do is install the Magic LED app on your smartphone. With an estimated usage of over 50,000 hours, you can be certain that FLORO isn’t going away from you soon.

Neon signs are attractive but they generally display a single colour. Floro takes it up a notch and allows you to add a multitude of colours to the sign. This revolutionary chromatic technology makes everything fun with just a swipe. All you have to do is use your smartphone to swipe and switch between different colours to get that sign glowing.

Without a lot of effort, a floro neon sign offers multiple colour options, limitless customization, and over 200 flow modes. No matter how you are feeling another day, another minute - you can change the neon sign accordingly.

Neon Attack gives you options to choose from -

Pre-styled Designs: Check out our collection of floro signs and select the one that suits your personality and mood. We have a range of style options to select from. Do not worry about the colours as they can be changed anywhere, anytime!

Customization: Don’t feel the connection with any of our pre-customized designs? No worries as we also give an option to create a unique and personalised floro design. Type your quote, message, or feelings and select a font. You can also select the desired background for a hard-to-resist look.

Where to Put Up the FLORO Signs?

FLORO signs can be meaningful, quirky, inspirational, or just inviting. This makes them so versatile that you can use the signs for a number of purposes! Here are some of the most common uses of a fluorescent sign –

Wedding/Reception Venues – Modern photographers and videographers use neon signs as a backdrop to capture beautiful moments of the newly-wed. Simply place a FLORO sign and start clicking the most beautiful pictures ever. Those ever-changing colours would just seal the deal!

Bar Sign – Of course, when we talk about something as fun as neon signs, we can’t miss bar settings. They light up the room and make it more fun for the guests. Also, since bars are also commonly known for their late-night setups, funky colour-changing lights increase the fun at the time.

Content Creators – Since the world is now mesmerized by online vloggers and creators, it has become important for them to create an inviting setup that would be loved by their followers. These signs add oodles of color to their room/studio.

Home – Home is where the heart is and your heart is filled with nothing but love! Add some inspirational quotes and messages in your room using these neon lights for the world to see!

Although there are just innumerable reasons to add a neon sign in your room today, let’s go with just one – THEY ARE FUN!