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Get Creative With Neon Signs: Stylish Wall Decoration Ideas

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Looking to add some creative flair to your bedroom walls? Neon signs are the perfect way to do it! Not only do they look great and add a touch of stylish glamor, but they can help set the mood for your space. And the best part is that you can create custom neon signs that reflect your own personality and style.

In this article, we'll show you how to choose the right neon sign for your bedroom walls and provide you with some creative ideas on how to use them. From hanging a personalized sign over your bed to making unique art displays with multiple neon signs, there are lots of ways to get creative with neon signs. Let's dive in and explore all the possibilities!

7 Creative Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas With Neon Signs

Adding neon signs to your bedroom walls is a great way to add a unique, stylish touch to your living space. Not only can neon signs bring life and energy to an otherwise dull wall, but they can also be customized in various shapes and sizes. Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating your bedroom walls with neon signs:

  1. Statement Wall: Create a vibrant focal point with a bold statement wall made up of several different neon signs. Choose from love neon signs; love you neon signs or other words that mean something special to you.
  2. Wall Art: Use neon signs to create an insta-worthy mural on your wall with bright colors and fun shapes like stars, moons, and hearts. Have fun mixing and matching different styles for an art-filled wall that expresses your unique personality.
  3. Mood Lighting: Neon signs are the perfect way to set the mood in any space! Try putting one near or above the bed for chill evenings or around the window for a subtle but powerful glow that adds warmth and ambiance.
  4. Photo Booth: Transform your bedroom into the perfect party spot by creating a stylish photo booth with neon signs! Create a backdrop out of colorful letters or shapes and let guests take cute selfies they can share online afterward.
  5. Colorful Accent Pieces: Neon accents are great for giving any space an instant pop of color! You can hang colorful lights around the top of your headboard or even create floating shelves out of illuminated letters for extra flare!
  6. Creative Quotes: You can choose words like work hard stay humble, good vibes only, or similar quotes which will bring some positivity.
5 Simple and Stylish Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas With Neon Signs

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and fun way to spruce up your living room? Consider neon signs! As a budget-friendly wall decor option, you can easily take your neon signs for the living room to style up a notch. Plus, they come in dozens of shapes and sizes, so they are bound to be one that fits any space.

Here are five of the best living room wall decoration ideas featuring neon signs:

  1. Choose One Bright Color: Pick a single hue and use it to create a vibrant accent wall. Paired with neutral tones like white or gray, this bold statement will spice up any living room.
  2. Go For The Glowing Look: Use several different neon signs in the same color range to create a glowing look on your wall. With this option, you don’t need to worry about picking just one hue or color combination; instead, you can let several different colors play off each other in the same space.
  3. Liven Up With Letters: Brighten up boring walls with bold lettering that spells out important words or phrases like home sweet home, this is our happy place, or it’s so good to be home neon sign, or anything that has special meaning for you and your loved ones.
  4. Proclaim Your Passion: From TV shows to favorite hobbies or sports teams, show off what you love with bright and colorful light-up signs featuring logos or taglines related to whatever inspires you most!
  5. Create An Accent Wall: Gather several mini-sized neon signs around one large piece for an eye-catching art installation that will
Tips for Choosing the Right Size, Color, and Style for Your Space

Adding a LED neon light sign to the walls of your bedroom is one of the most fun and creative ways to liven up your decor. However, it’s important that you choose the right size, color, and style for your space. Here are some tips for making sure you get it just right:


Neon signs come in all shapes and sizes, from small desk-friendly pieces to larger wall-mounted statements. Choose a size that contrasts with other decorative items in the room, so that your neon sign stands out.


The color of your neon lights can have a big impact on your overall decor. Think about the colors of other elements in the room like bedding, furniture, or wall art, and pick colors that will complement rather than clash.


Neon signs range from modern and edgy designs to vintage-inspired pieces; you can match your sign with other theme elements, or make it a bold contrast. Make sure to pick something that resonates with you and reflects your personality it’s all about adding some zest to your bedroom!

Where to Buy Neon Signs in India

There are many stores that sell neon lights online in India, including the websites Neon Attack. We have a wide range of designs and sizes, and the prices are often much more affordable compared to buying locally.


Neon signs are an easy way to make a statement in any bedroom, giving it personality and style. Whether you go for a classic design like a cactus, bird, or a classic quote, or customize your own, you'll be able to find a neon sign that's perfect for your bedroom. This type of wall decor is incredibly fabulous and looks great day or night.

Plus, they are truly inspiring, as they are one of the few things that can give a room a real wow factor. With the right sign, you can create a focal point in your bedroom and add a personal touch to your home. Find your perfect neon sign today and get creative in decorating your bedroom walls.

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