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Top 10 IP Rated Neon Lights & Signs to Purchase in 2024

Hey, hey, hey, squad! We've all seen those aesthetic neon signs that light up your Insta feed, but what about taking that vibe outside? Because frankly, fairy lights are sooo last season and outdated, and citronella candles can't compete with the boss-level illumination of waterproof neon lights.


How Do These Luminous Wonders Work, Anyway?

It's all about science with a jolt of magic. Imagine a sealed glass tube filled with low-pressure gas, like neon or argon. When you hit it with a high voltage of electricity and don't worry, it's safe!, it creates a mini party in the atoms, making them release light – that's your glorious neon glow!


Here's what separates these outdoor neon signs from their indoor mates

This fancy code identity, known as the IP rating, tells you how well a device resists dust and water. Look for signs with an IP rating of at least IP44 for outdoor neon signs. This means they can handle water splashing from any direction. Higher ratings offer even more protection for those crazy weather days.


Custom Neon Sign (IP65): Feeling like a design boss? Create your own masterpiece with this high-durability option of outdoor neon lights by Neon Attack! Choose your font, color, and size – the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity flow and make your patio that envy the 'gram peeps.


Open Neon Sign(IP44): This classic beauty, with its bright glow, is perfect for grabbing attention, especially for restaurants or cafes. Who can resist the lure of a glowing "Open" sign, especially on a rainy night? Plus, the IP44 rating ensures it can handle unexpected splashes.


Flaming Heart Neon Sign (IP65): Light up your love life or add some quirky flair with a flickering heart-shaped flame custom waterproof neon sign. This weatherproof option is perfect for creating a unique and eye-catching addition to your patio or balcony.


Pizza Slice Neon Sign (IP44): Calling all pizza lovers! This playful neon sign is a fun way to add personality to your outdoor kitchen or patio bar area. It's sure to become a conversation starter with guests, rain or shine.


"Vibes Only" Quote Neon Sign (IP65): Spread good vibes with a chill message like "Vibes Only" in neon. This weather-resistant sign is a versatile choice for any outdoor space. It adds a touch of positivity to your garden or balcony. Plus, it's the perfect Insta-worthy backdrop for your next outdoor hangout.


Groovy Mushroom Neon Sign (IP44): Channel your inner flower child with a funky neon mushroom sign. This weatherproof wonder adds a whimsical touch to your outdoor space and lets everyone know you're down for some chill vibes, rain or shine.


Alien Abduction Neon Sign (IP65): This quirky neon sign depicting an alien spaceship beaming up a hapless human adds a touch of humor to your outdoor space. The high IP rating ensures it can withstand even the most extraterrestrial weather events.


"Do Not Disturb" Neon Sign (IP44): Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet, even outdoors. This neon sign lets everyone know you're taking a chill break on your patio or balcony, rain or shine. Plus, with its sleek design and bold lettering, it adds a touch of modern flair to your outdoor haven.


Rainbow Cloud Neon Sign (IP65): Add a touch of whimsical charm to your outdoor space with a neon sign featuring a fluffy rainbow cloud. This weatherproof option brightens up any dreary day and adds a pop of color to your patio or balcony. Plus, it's the perfect backdrop for capturing those dreamy outdoor selfies.


Neon Cassette Tape Sign (IP44): Throw it back to the golden age of music with a nostalgic neon cassette tape sign. This weatherproof piece adds a touch of retro charm to your outdoor space and lets everyone know you appreciate the classics. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for music lovers, rain or shine.


So ditch the boring outdoor lighting and embrace the neon revolution! With a waterproof neon sign!