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Best Outdoor Neon Lights and Signs for a Vibrant Atmosphere


Imagine that you are hosting a perfect rooftop party for your tribe with barbeques, sizzling burgers, smoky tandoors and a music vibe that is the perfect mood-setter. But wait! Something is missing in this setup! Instead of screaming WOW, the place is screaming MEH and dull. Why? Because the shine of neon lights for outdoors is missing. Fairy lights just don't cut it anymore, and citronella candles feel like last season's trend. Fear not, fellow millennial and Gen Z comrades, because there's a game-changing solution that'll have your outdoor space glowing with personality. They are the outdoor neon lights and signs!

Gone are the days when the outdoor parties used to be decorated with vintage bulbs, fairy lights and those typical lanterns. Now is the time to spice up the event with waterproof outdoor neon lights for pool parties and elevate the vibe of the event like no other. Make the people around you jealous with the neon lights, and be the showstopper! Now, it's the hottest trend for outdoor enthusiasts who crave a space that reflects their unique style and electric personality.

Now let us get into the details of why Neon signs are the current trendsetters?

Instagramable vibe: We all know the struggle for that perfect Instagram pic. Neon signs are the ultimate focal point, adding a pop of color and personality that'll have your followers begging to know where you got it.

Mood Master: Feeling chill? Switch your neon light signs to a calming blue or lavender. Need to get the party started? Crank up the energy with vibrant pink or fiery red. Neon signs allow you to set the mood with a simple click or voice command.

Conversation Starter: Guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversations. Your unique neon sign will be the talk of the town, making you the host with the most and the most Instagrammable backyard, obviously, duh!

Durable & Waterproof: Worried about the elements ruining your neon dreams? Fear not! Most outdoor neon signs are built to withstand the test of time, rain or shine. Just make sure you choose a reputable brand that offers waterproof outdoor neon signs.

Which type of outdoor neon signs are topping the list?

Quotes & Slogans: Let your neon sign speak volumes about your personality! Popular choices include inspirational quotes, funny sayings, or your favorite song lyrics. Also, keep it short and sweet for maximum impact. Think "Good vibes only" or "Netflix & Chill" for ultimate chill vibes.

Trendy Symbols: Feeling extra? Channel your inner astro babe with a neon zodiac sign, or embrace the wanderlust with a palm tree or airplane silhouette.

Initials & Monograms: Make a statement with your own initials or your family's monogram. It's a personalized touch that adds a touch of class to your outdoor space.

Food & Drinks: Who doesn't love a neon sign that screams "Pizza Party" or "Taco Tuesday"? Perfect for setting the mood for your next epic outdoor gathering.

Animals & Nature: Show your love for the animal kingdom with a neon flamingo, a majestic lion, or a playful butterfly. Nature lovers can go for a calming mountain range or a vibrant blooming flower design.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your neon signs! Combine a fun quote with a trendy symbol for a truly unique look.

Now that you're officially obsessed with the idea of transforming your backyard into a neon wonderland, the next question is: where do you buy these babies from? Neon Attack is the ultimate destination that offers a wide variety of outdoor neon signs. With unlimited customization options, it makes it easier for you to design and create your own neon sign.