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Transform Your Bedroom Space with Mesmerizing Neon Lights

The neon light business has taken over the markets and the internet by storm. There is not a single person who has not thought of installing a bedroom neon light for their room décor. Every single person on Instagram at least desires to have a flashy and trendy-looking bedroom to call their own. That is when items like neon lights for bedroom come into the limelight and steal the show completely!

Let’s face the fact that most of us spend the majority of our time in our bedrooms. After a point, it becomes very monotonous and BORING to look at the same dull walls and sad hues on the wall. Our crib is our sleep haven and sometimes the only place where adulting take a backseat to run Netflix or Amazon Prime marathons. But let’s be honest here, most of the bedrooms are stuck between those beige and dull shades of yellow with sad-looking furniture, making it a DULL zone. This is when bedroom neon signs become the hero and save the situation.

Bedroom Neon Lights - A Sensational Eyeball Grabber

Express yourself: Tired of generic decor that screams “seen it all before”? Neon signs for bedroom are your chance to showcase your unique style. Whether it’s your favorite band’s logo, a sassy quote, or a neon rendering of your spirit animal, neon lights let your personality shine through.

Space coverage: Living in a shoebox apartment? No problem! Unlike bulky lamps and floor fixtures, neon signs are compact and versatile. They can be mounted on walls, tucked behind furniture, or even hung from the ceiling, taking up minimal space without sacrificing major impact.

Moody tunes: Feeling stressed after a long day? Switch your neon sign to a calming blue or lavender for a chill atmosphere. Need to get pumped for a night out? Crank it up with a vibrant pink or fiery red. Neon lights allow you to set the mood with a simple click or voice command.

Neon Lights 101: Decorating Your Bedroom Like a Boss

Now that you’re officially obsessed with the idea of a neon-lit bedroom abode let’s dive into how to decorate like a pro and change the game

  1. Choosing your bedroom neon lights online from Neon Attack

Size it up: Consider the size of your bedroom. A giant bedroom neon light might overpower a small space, while a tiny one might get lost in a larger room. Find the sweet spot that makes a statement without overwhelming the vibe.

Color combinations: Think about your existing decor and color scheme. Do you want a neon sign that complements your existing colors, or do you want it to be a bold, contrasting statement piece?

Fontastic selections: The font you choose can completely change the feel of your sign. Playful script fonts are great for a whimsical vibe, while clean, bold fonts create a more modern look.

Content game: This is where you get to unleash your creativity! Choose a quote that inspires you, a funny saying that reflects your personality, or even your favorite song lyrics.

  1. Placement of the neon signs is crucial

Focal Point Power: Hang your neon sign above your bed or behind your desk to create a central point of attraction.

Shelf Life: Neon signs look amazing displayed on shelves or dressers, adding a pop of color and personality to otherwise plain furniture.

Corner Cozy: Tuck your neon sign into a corner for a more subtle glow. Perfect for creating a chill reading nook or a relaxing meditation zone.

Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to combine multiple neon signs for a truly unique look! Just make sure they complement each other in terms of size, color, and style.

The good news is that neon signs are no longer limited to smoky bars and vintage cafes. Neon Attack will help you with custom signs by offering a wide variety of bedroom neon lights online.